I attended the Global Summit of Vibrant Gujarat. The State of Gujarat is located on the west coast of India, sharing a common border with Pakistan. The people of Gujarat are known for their business acumen. Gujarati Diaspora continues to be very successful and contributes a lot to the State in terms of investment.  This State is leading in infrastructure and manufacturing projects. Massive investments are being done in these sectors. The conference was impressive in terms of  the commitment of investment. More than $500 million in investments were committed at the Summit. Even if 1/3rd of the committed investments happen, it will make a difference to the local economy.

Simultaneously,  rural development and education issues are being addressed. I have always believed that this State of 55 million in population with their business culture, has the capacity of establishing 10x Dubai’s scale of economy. It looks like this time the economic engine will pick up speed and stay running. The country has seen so many false starts. However, they will have to be careful with the type of economic growth. With so many people living in rural areas, they will have to come up with a sustainable business model of investment. It will be exciting to stay involved in this process through my various business ventures in the State.