I am a perpetual optimist. I believe that we live in best time in mankind’s history and for global economy we are just warming up. We are living longer and healthier. Google’s Chief futurist Ray Kurzweil thinks we could start living forever by 2029. The world economy stands at $77 trillion as of 2014. However there are 3.25 billion people earn less then $2 per day !! That means there still huge potential for upward mobility at every level. So I am quite upbeat about mid or long term future.

However in short term we have issues which may delay overall global prosperity. The main issue we are facing is flawed capitalism. We have “winner take all” economy. We believe in maximizing shareholders profit. We have created a whole class of smart people whose has a massive  capacity to consume resources only for themselves even at the cost of millions of people. We have a increasing income inequality around the world. Right in heart of San Francisco where apartment in downtown skyscrapers cost $3000 per sq.ft. where thousands of homeless people are on streets. People who do not want to be part of explosive exit oriented growth story or want to live normal sustainable life, are being driven out of their homes due to higher prices. . Real estate developers are playing games with millions of people’s lives by lobbying and influencing zoning laws. We have already created Elysium right here on earth in every large city.

I am not surprised that we have events like Brexit, political situation in Spain, Austria, Greece, France and dozens of countries around the world. We have Middle East under turmoil. All these bad ” breaking news” is a manifestation of frustration arising out of millions of people who are forced to look at retraining for new skills or move from their home cities for better jobs or their jobs getting outsourced or taken over by eager immigrants.

In short term we have chaotic situation.  The trigger for a downturn in economy can be any of the above or disruptive elections results in USA. Lack of good leaders who can explain the impact of technology on our lives to masses,  is the main cause of concern. Almost every political leader around the world uses fear, immigration, ethnicity , religion, languages and so many other divisive issues to win elections. Just after Brexit, the Leave campaigners have no clue how to manage the outcome !!

What this means that for next two years, companies should focus on revenue rather then keep on raising more money. We should focus on cash flow rather than branding. No brand without revenue will be able to withstand what could be coming. I look at companies who are doubling down on raising more money because they are behind in revenue or traction goals, and constantly introducing new products, means they are going to be in trouble during downturn. It is time to look at emerging markets around the world and focus on revenue. It is Focus on what matters and what one can control.

It is time to get ready for plan B and go through the storm to enjoy mid or long term prosperity.