Looking at footage of 1989 fall of the Berlin wall reminded me of the excitement in the air during November, 1989 when I was in Germany. History was being made right in front of me. If I had a blog at that time, I would have written a post titled “The Absence of the Cold War Will Benefit India and China”. This was also the year of demonstrations in China. India was still a “license raj”.

Look at the timeline: China Milestones Since 1989. Now we talk about the 21st century as China’s century. The post cold war environment allowed the U.S. to develop a much deserved better relationship with India. First under President Clinton and then under President George W. Bush, U.S.-India relations improved substantially. CSR Report prepared in 2007 is an interesting read. I saw the same conclusion in Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat”. He writes that one of the causes of flattening the world was “the fall of Berlin Wall”. The event in 1989, was the first hint of a globally connected world which was yet to happen. Incidentally, in 1989, I used Prodigy Online Service for the first time which was launched regionally in 1988 and nationwide in 1990.