What a year!! In this year, I have travelled approximately 200,000 miles. I met with some extremely interesting people and enjoyed local cuisines with them. During the past year, I met with Russian entrepreneurs in Moscow in the company of Ukrainians;  I talked with Chinese entrepreneurs who would like to use their social media apps outside of China and had fish head in Beijing; had Raki in Istanbul with entrepreneurs from Turkey and many other middle eastern countrie; witnessed Catalonia spirit in their drive for innovation and independence while enjoying Tapas; enjoyed the experience of hundreds of entrepreneurs in a bull ring in Madrid including Iberian jamon; experienced dizzy lights of innovation with 14,000 people in Finland and appreciated their local cuisine of reindeer and pike perch;  talked with Indian entrepreneurs who want to win the world as proud Indians while eating a crazy range of curries.

Billions are being invested around the Silicon Valley,  the round-about in London and people consumed gazillions of pint of beer.  Dublin hosts thousands of entrepreneurs at their events.  In the US, New York, Boston and Austin are doing their thing but also cities like Nashville, Miami and Boise are on an innovation high, and to top it all, my home,  the innovation capital, San Francisco Bay Area  is getting crazy not only entrepreneurship but also with real estate prices, but with a cultural mix of people from all over the world, occupy movement, riding high on the Giants win and creating massive disruptions. What a year !!

One thing is for sure all over the world, the Startup Revolution has begun. Startup events around the world are filling up with thousands of people. Entrepreneurs from countries like Azerbaijan to Argentina feel that they can make it . We are witnessing a ground swell of innovation. Countries like Estonia are proving that innovation can be done by any country, state, or city in a globalized world. More and more Governments are being pro active for innovation. Thousands of new investors are getting excited with crowd sourcing and angel investing. I have no doubt that this revolution will grow exponentially.

ThewWhole world is looking at Silicon Valley as a role model. Like many things in the US, this one needs to be looked at carefully. Silicon Valley has an opportunity and responsibility to guide this revolution for a much better world for all. We have a unique opportunity to promote triple bottom line business models. This phenomenon can bring millions out of poverty and provide upward mobility. It is possible to get away from shareholder ‘s interest driven economy to that of stakeholder’s interest driven. We do not need impact investment as every investment can be impactful.

I am looking forward to meeting investors and mentors around the world who can provide the right leadership. To enjoy this exciting future, we should be careful by not creating our own Elysium but it will be smart to bring everyone in to this party!!

Let’s grow together !!