2012 has proven to be a hectic year so far.  I have already clocked in 100,000 miles since January. A complete sensory overload of images, sounds, smells, tastes and people. The globe has really become connected beyond our imagination, however, it is still allows us to preserve our own culture and languages.

A few weeks back I was in China, Russia and Indian, all in one week. I have many observations to share but one in particular was very clear, the issue of debate in main stream media.

In China you don’t see any debates.  Nothing on politics or religion is broadcasted on the television, period!

In India the main television programming  is a war of acoustic decibels among panelists including the moderators.  The debates are never ending and on any subject.  No wonder there is a book titled “The Argumentative Indian“.

And in Russia, some do debate and while there are others that want to debate. Here is the latest headlines, Russian MPs debate heavy sanctions on protesters.

I rest my case!