Earlier today, after attending the first deliberative poll of Macau, conducted by the Center for Deliberative Democracy of Stanford University , I was on the turbojet ferry to Hong Kong International airport from Macau.  On the ferry I picked up the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong newspaper, which had a headline about Terra Power. Terra Power has smaller, cleaner, nuclear reactors that would create less nuclear waste and they could be used for years without refueling. Bill Gates is the Chairman of this company.

Interestingly this company has been trying to find a country willing to host the first TWR nuclear reactor. It looks like they have found the partner country, China. This is  a good example of innovative companies in US who can get their initial breakthrough in emerging markets and then piggy back on their success in international markets for marketing back home. In the US, our legacy and abundance of everything makes adoption of new technology slower. Emerging markets are ready to try new technologies to meet with their growth.