Earlier in the week when I landed in Helsinki, I realized that the city did not get the memo that winter had ended, it was cold and frozen. Later in the day I went for a walk on a  frozen lake.

I attended the Pitch Slam of Innovate 100 as one of the judge on the panel. The event was at one of those impressive Technopolis Science Parks. As I understand they have a successful track record of providing assistance to companies for being innovative. Over the next few months I would like to explore more about the business model of these parks.

The companies which I met in Helsinki clearly had global aspirations. By default, because of  the size of the country, they were looking for international markets. However I felt that many of them were targeting the US as a market and a place to raise more funds in the time to come.

I was impressed with the participants and other the attendees from Estonia. I am sure that Estonia will stay in view of global investors if their start-up community continues to be innovative and aggressive.