Earlier this month I visited Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. When my flight from Stockholm landed at the Tallinn airport, I had mixed feelings. This is the country which was in Soviet Union only 20 years back. I had read the history of various occupations of this country. The airport is surprisingly close to the downtown. Approaching skyscrapers were impressive among old Soviet times buildings. After spending two days meeting with more then 20 entrepreneurs and local economic development stakeholders, I am not surprised that the country has been invited to join OECD. The now famous company Skype was founded by local engineers. Companies here have global aspirations. I am looking forward to doing business here. I also visited two local restaurants: Gloria is in old part of town and has an old imperial ambiance serving local food; the restaurant O is cool, contemporary, and uses local ingredients in a very creative way.  The O is located in an old vodka manufacturing plant with the old steel frames intact.  I am definitely going back to this country.