In 1992 US Presidential elections a phrase was coined. And that was “ Its the economy stupid” This phrase was meant for internal use for the Bill Clinton campaign. Somehow this phrase became a slogan. It was a very appropriate

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I am a perpetual optimist. I believe that we live in best time in mankind’s history and for global economy we are just warming up. We are living longer and healthier. Google’s Chief futurist Ray Kurzweil thinks we could start

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Kaushal Chokshi, founder and president of the venture capital fund Scaale Group (US), compared the development of start-up environment in Russia and Kazakhstan. What we lack, to become the second Silicon Valley?

Kaushal Chokshi
India has the power to create close to 1000 Israel like startup ecosystems

Participated at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit on 7-8 Sept at Istanbul Turkey. Chaired by Rohan Malik and shared panel with Demet Sabancı, Michel Catinat, Paulo Andrez, Cem Soysal and Ümit Leblebici

Digital Marketing Workshop

Social Media is all over the place!!! The social media has become the most effective marketing tool to connect and interact with global users. Social Media produces almost double the marketing leads when compared to trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail,

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NNDA, Carson City manager visit Poland