The Gulf of Mexico disaster created by British Petroleum (BP) is quite shocking and disturbing.  It is a human tragedy, an environmental tragedy, an economic tragedy and a lack of corporate responsibility tragedy. Human life, oceanic life, and seal life both are suffering for no fault of theirs. This disaster could have been avoided by better due diligence of technology, better scenario models and better post disaster planning. YET, the US media is focused on the facial reaction of President Obama. Instead of having investigative journalism, it is looking for answers from the President’s body language.

The British media’s coverage is much less objective. Instead of focusing on the real time situation of the disaster, they are criticizing President Obama because the word British happens to be in BP. I understand that various British pensioners are investors in BP. However, the oil leak is still going on. Everyone has to stand by the people of the coastal towns of  the Gulf of Mexico. One should look at the interest of human life beyond ROI, at least in this case. Besides, BP’s original name till 1954 was Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC). Maybe the Iranian media should also create subjective news!!