You cannot miss ” the wall” when you drive around Berlin. I was in Germany when the wall came down. As I had predicated, that has changed the world beyond what anyone could have imagined. The absense of the cold war is responsible for the rising of China and India.

I was in Berlin to participate in Pitch Slam of Innovate Europe 2010. Berlin is a very creative city in terms of multimedia. The city also boasts on it’s strong network of Universities for research. It is a hotbed for high-end talent. What is interesting is that the office rent in Berlin is less expensive than most of the other cities in Germany. One can also have a hybrid model of talent in Berlin and a back up team in Prague which is only a few hours drive. If a company is looking at the German market with proximity to other Eastern European countries, Berlin can be a good destination to start an office.

After talking to various entrepreneurs in Berlin, I also felt that the eco-system for start-ups in Berlin had limitations. Leveraging Silicon Valley’s  eco-system can offer these companies a unique advantage of becoming a global company.