Being in Beijing after 15 years has reminded me of the book written by Futurist Alvin Toffler called “Future Shock”.   In his book, Alvin talks about about the “city without past” and Beijing confirms this description. Even my visit to a few hutongs demonstrated that the past is hard to keep up.  Anyways, from a global citizen’s viewpoint, the future of Beijing looks good.

During my stay I have noticed that the local and international media are talking about the slow down of the economy. They predict troubles ahead in manufacturing, export and real estate sectors. There are discussions about broken bridges, contaminated food, and social issues related to the fast growth. All these issues are genuine but as I have previously stated, China and India are like start-up companies.

As a start-up it is easy to show exponential growth however, once you hit a level of economy it will get difficult. I think China has hit that threshold. China will get into mid level growth, but it will still grow.  China may have a few painful years ahead but in the long term, China will have robust growth.

My impressions are based on various readings and from talking to various people who understand China. I believe that China should focus on establishing brands in emerging markets. Chinese companies have played the  supply chain role for the US and Europe for years. It will be very expensive to establish brands or acquire brands in the Western world. The right strategy will be to leverage domestic demand for establishing brands in countries like India and Brazil.  These emerging markets have chaotic conditions which are similar to China. By default, Chinese companies will know how to get global progressively.